Investment Management

Strategies to Help Grow and Protect Wealth

Our investment approach is based on a globally diversified core-satellite method of portfolio construction designed to minimize costs and volatility while providing an opportunity to outperform the broad stock market in both bull and bear markets. The core portion of our portfolios consists of blending active and passive investments across different asset classes to create a diversified global allocation designed to balance risk exposures.

The satellite portion of our portfolios is comprised of actively managed strategies designed to generate risk premia through a tactical framework.

Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategies

Our suite of investment strategies are designed to meet client goals by actively adapting to economic and market conditions. They seek to combine active, factor-based, and index ETFs, representing various asset classes, within a disciplined allocation framework aimed at total return while diversifying the risk exposures of various asset classes over the long term.

The strategies are designed around a strategic allocation among equities, fixed income, alternatives, factor exposures, and cash. Tactical investment opportunities are then identified following a disciplined methodology within each of the major asset classes to form a comprehensive allocation.

OPWM Institutional Intelligent Portfolios

For our newer investors, we offer an automated investment management platform. Clients can invest for retirement, save for a vacation, or work to build long-term wealth.

Saving for the future is easy. Accounts can be funded through transfers or electronic deposits from any financial institution. Clients can set up one-time or recurring deposits at any time. they can also roll over an old 401(k), Roth IRA or Traditional IRA.

For as little as $5,000 clients can choose from a diverse set of custom built investment portfolios. With over 500 low-cost ETFs available, clients get a portfolio handpicked by our team of investment professionals.

Get access everywhere. On the web, iOS and Android
devices. Our automated platform includes:

  • A mobile app
  • Co-browsing features
  • Daily monitoring of the portfolio
  • Automatic account re-balancing
  • Optional tax-loss harvesting
  • Paperless new account opening process

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