We are a local relationship-based financial advisory firm committed to putting our clients’ interest first.

Our goal is to foster investor trust and confidence in the financial system through client-centric relationships based on full fiduciary disclosure and transparency. As an independent organization, we have the freedom to offer unbiased advice without the potential for conflicts of interest often present within large broker dealers.

 By taking the time to understand our clients’ financial lifestyle needs and aspirations, we align our advice in the same direction as our clientele.

Oregon Pacific Wealth Management, LLC comprises a number of special areas of expertise, working together to provide a comprehensive wealth management solution.  We offer fee based comprehensive wealth management, automated investment platform, and insurance products on a case by case basis allowing us the flexibility to provide a broad range of advice-driven strategies and solutions.


Our Core Values

  • Provide clarity and transparency to our clients in assisting them to achieve their financial goals
  • Provide risk managed investment solutions to create consistent asset appreciation without excessive risk
  • Enhance the financial position of our clients and secure their wealth and legacy


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Financial Advisory

Our Focus is on Establishing Client Relationships Based on Trust and Integrity Our consultative process is designed to establish close relationships with our clients in order to gain a detailed understanding of their goals and their most important financial wants and needs. We offer customized wealt...

Investment Management

Strategies to Help Grow and Protect Wealth Our investment approach is based on a globally diversified core-satellite method of portfolio construction designed to minimize costs and volatility while providing an opportunity to outperform the broad stock market in both bull and bear markets. The core...

Financial Planning

Financial Planning for Today and for Retirement It all begins with a set of goals. Do you want to save for your child’s college education? Are you saving enough for retirement? Is it the right time to refinance your home? Let Oregon Pacific Wealth Management help you make smart financial decisions....

Insurance Services

Working Towards Securing Your Family’s Future Needs We have access to a wide variety of insurance products designed to help with your specific needs. We take the time to get to know you, understand your life goals, and work towards realizing those goals as your life journey progresses. Insurance pro...