Our Philosophy

Our Goal is to Provide Enhanced Peace of Mind for Our Investors

Oregon Pacific Wealth Management, LLC offers institutional level asset management solutions. We believe the key to consistent investment returns and volatility reduction goes beyond just static asset allocation. Our strategies focus on a dynamic multi-factor asset allocation that allows us to tactically select the most attractive areas to invest in while avoiding the weakest, taking into account the ever-changing economic and investment environment.

Our investment philosophy is a proactive, diversified, and flexible risk managed approach that focuses on the strongest asset classes with the potential for principal growth or consistent income. We manage risk while seeking to participate in market opportunities across a wide range of asset classes and geographical regions. 

Decisions are made by utilizing research and evaluation techniques with the aim of incorporating an element of risk reduction, quality control and value investing within a disciplined systematic investment and analysis process.

Investment Management Strategies

Our investment philosophy is a truly diversified approach designed to capitalize on performance differences between asset classes or within asset classes, and that adapts to market and economic changes. Our tactical investment strategies have the flexibility to dynamically invest across a wide range of asset classes, and actively allocate capital to the most attractive, risk adjusted asset classes, while seeking to avoid the least attractive areas. Our portfolios consist of blending active and passive investments to create a diversified global allocation designed to balance risk exposures to meet your specific income, capital appreciation and volatility goals. This includes our sustainable investing strategies focusing on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) insights.  Our aim is to manage your lifetime savings with both your financial and risk tolerance requirements in mind. 

Personalized Service Approach

We believe successful, long-term prosperous financial relationships start with both parties sharing with each other their mutual goals and aspirations.

The first stage of a relationship with Oregon Pacific Wealth Management, LLC involves your personal financial advisor taking the time to listen to you and understand your story: where you have been, where you would like to go, and what makes you financially comfortable. They will also outline their beliefs and describe the areas in which Oregon Pacific Wealth Management, LLC will offer value to the financial relationship. 

Together with your Oregon Pacific Wealth Management, LLC Advisor, you will have access to a team of qualified, experienced Investment professionals. Under your direction, our financial planning team will analyze your current financial situation and suggest potential areas of improvement.