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We have access to a wide variety of insurance products designed to help with your specific needs. We take the time to get to know you, understand your life goals, and work towards realizing those goals as your life journey progresses. Insurance products help to provide peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the present with the full knowledge that your family will be taken care of if the unexpected happens. Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides valuable coverage at an affordable cost. Ideal for those looking for simple life insurance coverage to protect specific debts, such as a mortgage, college tuition, or loan in event of your unexpected death.

  • Provides affordable coverage for a specific period of time.
  • Death benefit is federal income tax free in most instances.
  • Ability to upgrade to a permanent policy with no additional medical underwriting.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance provides lifelong protection and the ability to accumulate cash value on a tax deferred basis. As long as the premiums are paid, the policy will stay in force. Ideal for long-term life insurance needs such as income replacement, retirement planning, business succession planning and estate planning.

  • Provides long-term coverage, as long as premiums are paid.
  • Death benefit is federal income tax free in most instances.
  • Tax-deferred cash value accumulation.
  • Cash value may be borrowed on a tax-free basis.

Long-term Care Insurance

Long-term care planning is a critical component of successful retirement planning. Long-term care insurance can provide the needed money to carry out your long-term care plan. This allows you to age and receive care in the best possible place, whether that be in your home, or in a care facility. Contact your insurance professional today for any questions you have regarding long-term care insurance.

  • Protect assets with a qualified Long-Term Care Insurance policy.
  • Allow family and friends to manage your care and not have to provide it.
  • Many life insurance policies and annuities now have long-term care riders.
  • Allows you to protect from the "what-ifs" of aging.

Insurance products are offered through an association with industry licensed affiliates. Oregon Pacific Wealth Management and Insurance industry licensed affiliates are separate entities.  Advisory services offered through Oregon Pacific Wealth Management, a registered investment advisor.

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